Osty Meditech’s Pelvic Plasty
"Achieve the hourglass body you've always wanted"
What is Pelvic Plasty?
Pelvic Plasty is the world’s first and only surgical procedure for changing the body contour of female pelvic and hip region.
Until now, there was no genuine body skeletal aesthetics procedure that could address the demand for pelvic beauty. Only butt/thigh implants, fillers, or fat grafting.
The fundamental extension of the pelvic bone width through Pelvic Plasty, enables the genuine alteration of hip width to transform into a hourglass body.
By using a minimally invasive plate augmentation technique, it provides an ideal, safe and reversible way to change a once linear appearance to curvy, to give you a body you can feel good about.
Ideal Candidates for Pelvic Plasty
  • Anyone not satisfied with his/her body due to having a narrow pelvis
  • Male to female transgender patients who wish to correct a naturally male form and produce more curvature in the hip/thigh region
  • Anyone planning to receive adjuvant hip surgeries and want to accentuate their effects
  • Anyone who wants a permanent solution through a single surgery, rather than temporary procedures such as fillers or fat transfer
  • Anyone who is struggling to achieve an hourglass figure by working out, and wants an immediate outcome of pelvic augmentation
Why is the Pelvis Important?
Pelvis is critical to Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR) which is a useful indicator of female attractiveness. Having a narrow waist and wide hip (ideally 0.7 WHR) not only makes the legs look longer, but also helps achieve a more ‘female’ body proportion.
The Problem with Existing Techniques
  • Risk of malposition, and asymmetric positioning
  • Only alters the lateral aspect of thigh width and not the pelvic width
  • Augmenting the thigh soft tissue makes the waist look lower and the legs shorter, especially when wearing jeans
  • Liposuction only removes fat from the waist, which can never change the pelvic bone figure
  • Fat does not stay, and with time, the injected fat would get absorbed by the body, requiring new and costly injections
  • Lack of firm fixation can cause stress failure due to pressure coming from belts, pants, weight, etc.
The Advantages of Pelvic Plasty
    • It is a widening of pelvic bone width, instead of hips or thighs, which leads to a more aesthetic body shape by making the legs look longer and waist higher
  • SAFE
    • Easily Removable and has no effect on reproductive organs
    • High resistance to stress from belt or pants during ambulation
    • Immediate and definite pelvic augmentation effect
    • Firm fixation means there is minimal feeling of irritation, and no need to worry about displacement or deformity
The Surgical Procedure
  • 1. Small incisions are made (less than 3cm) inside the panty line.
  • 2. Implants are inserted
  • 3. Implants are fixed to the pelvic crest using screws, augmenting the pelvic bone
Surgery Time Pre-Op Testing Anesthesia Pre-Anesthesia Testing Hospitalization
1 Hour X-Ray and CT scan of pelvis General Anesthesia Urine, Blood, EKG Tests 3 Days
  • Recovery Time
    You can walk right after the surgery, but the pain in the wound can occur for two to three days. You may slowly resume exercise at a less intense pace after two weeks, and return to normal activity by 6 weeks after surgery. The recovery time may vary depending on the patient's condition and the size of the prosthesis. Dr. Won will discuss resumption of activities with you on an individual basis.
  • Size & Location of Scars
    Small incisions (around 3cm) are made inside the panty line, keeping the scars hidden when dressed in underwear.
  • Risks and Complications
    After surgery, symptoms of numbness in the front of the thigh (hypoesthesia) may occur, but most of them are expected to subside within six months. Also, like any other surgeries, there is a risk of bleeding, infection, and re-surgery. Complications such as pneumonia and respiratory problems can be caused by anesthesia.
  • Post-Surgery Check-ups
    You will be asked to come in 1 week, a month, and three months after the operation for a checkup. If you live far away or are in another country, your condition will be examined via email with x-ray photos you will take from your nearby hospitals. Also, there is no need for any replacement procedures as the implant is almost permanent. It is easily removable as well.
About the Implants
Our anatomically shaped implants are made from pure titanium, which is a material known to be safe and durable, having been used in orthopedic surgeries for over decades. Like any other titanium orthopedic bone implants, our implants are almost permanent and easily removable. Five different sizes are available, and each are adjustable according to the patient’s pelvic bone shape.
Is the surgery available now?
Yes! Pelvic Plasty is currently being offered only at Yonsei Baro Chuk Hospital
located in Seoul, South Korea.
You can start booking for an appointment right away
Is it safe to travel to South Korea?
Yes, but you need to observe social and personal hygiene(wear a mask, carry sanitizer) when travelling to and from the hospital.
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